Toyota Hilux N80 2015+ Passenger Side Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Fieldbox’s laser-cut stainless steel fire extinguisher bracket is designed to hold your fire extinguisher securely to the factory passengers’ side seat of your Toyota Hilux N80 2015+  for easy access.

Fits: Toyota Hilux N80 2015+ (Please note this bracket does not fit over Brand: Truefit3D Floor Mat)
Side: Passengers Side bracket mounts neatly to the front of the seat base

The Fieldbox Fire Extinguisher Bracket is made from laser cut 304 stainless steel, using stainless steel hardware to suit steel cage 1kg fire extinguisher (Please Note: Fire Extinguisher not included)

It’s quick and easy to install using factory seat fixing holes and the supplied stainless steel mounting hardware.

What’s Included:
Fieldbox Fire Extinguisher Bracket
Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
Detailed Instruction
**Please Note: Fire Extinguisher Not Included**

$65.00 inc GST

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